Coat Love

Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015

Eigentlich brauche ich ja einen neuen Wintermantel. Stattdessen bin ich über diesen hier von THE SLEEPER gestolpert. Anyways - der nächste Frühling kommt bestimmt. 

2 Kommentare:

  1. I have the feeling that every 2-3 years in September or October, I'm on the hunt for the perfect winter coat, and then if by January I can't find it, I give up by simple saying, 'oh, it's almost spring, who cares about winter coats anymore?!' haha. Love this one though!

  2. Hahahahahahaha. I feel you! It's the same with me. I'm always too late. But this one would be the perfect spring coat indeed. X


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