Abigail Spencer's Natural Beauty Obsessions

Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Wer von euch, wie ich, ein Fan der Serie RECTIFY ist, kennt Abigail Spencer. Allen anderen kann ich die Serie nur empfehlen! Season 3 startet übrigens am 9. Juli. Außerdem wird man Abigail auch in der neuen True Detective Season sehen! Ich bin gespannt. 

Heute zeige ich euch ihre Naturkosmetik-Beauty-Lieblinge (gesehen auf well + GOOD).

1. Fiele Fragrances Juniperus Eau De Parfum ($85) This is a Santa Monica-based fragrance company. They are new and small, and I love their very woodsy, natural scents. This one is reminiscent of Sandal 33 from Le Labo—I love that these are local.
2. May Lindstrom Youth Dew ($120) You could eat this for dessert. I love all the products in this line, but the Youth Dew makes me feel like I climbed out of a spring from a fairy farm in the underworld. It’s so delicious and really, really works.
3. Saje Wellness Travel Safe Kit ($35) I fell in love with this Toronto-based brand of essential oils and aromatherapy, and now I travel with them all the time and use them for headaches, belly aches, and to sanitize. I’ve never been into aromatherapy, but this brand converted me.
4. Arcona Basic Five Travel Kit for Problem Skin ($87) Arcona is also a Santa Monica-based skin-care line. I love their skin-clearing line—I get super hormonal and break out on my chin. This definitely helps prevent and clear the natural way.
5. W3LL People Bio Brightener ($34) I love this company. I met the founders in Santa Fe while I was shooting Cowboys & Aliens, and we’ve been friends ever since. It’s the best completely organic natural makeup I’ve tried, and I particularly love their lip balms and face brighteners!
6. Beauty Bonus! Escentric Molecules Perfume ($135) People stop me and ask what I’m wearing when I put this on. It’s an all-natural, scent-enhancing formula. It takes your own pheromones and turns them up a notch. You can mix them with other scents or wear on clean skin. It’s basically a dog whistle for humans, but instead of for their ears it’s for their noses.

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