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Montag, 5. Mai 2014

Heute stöbere ich wieder mal in der Kosmetiktasche einer Schauspielerin - genauer gesagt bei ZOE SALDANA. Natürlich will ich jedes Produkt wieder selbst haben! Sind auch ein paar eurer Favoriten dabei?

L'OREAL PARIS Elnett Satin Hairspray
"I remember in the Carribean (where I grew up), this was the hairspray that I would use because it definitely kept your bun very, very clean. If any hairs came out, the dance teacher would harass you - I remember that!"

KÉRASTASE Perles Chronologiste
"Kérastase Chronologiste is my must - it's my go-to treatment that I put on every Saturday."

DR. TEAL'S Epsom Salt Soaking Solution
"Every night when I came home (after filming 'Guardians of the Galaxy'), I had to submerge myself in a bath. Sometimes I would put Epsom salts in because (they helped) heal my body from all the stunt work that I was doing ... I remember when I would drain the tub, it was always green. I said, "Oh my god, I took it all off." But I still had it everywhere: on the pillows, in my hair - I thought I would never stop seeing green."

"Vitamin B is good because it helps the muscles and makes you feel happy. And D is anti-inflammatory, so it helps you when you get sick and either your muscles or glands are swollen. Folic acid is also really good for women."

LAURA MERCIER Crème Smooth Lip Colour in Hollywood
"I'm picky - my lips aren't that big, but they aren't thin, either. When I wear red lipstick, I don't like anything that dries or chaps your lips."

L'OREAL PARIS True Match Super Blendable Makeup
"True Match is a really good foundation. I like the fact that you can apply it with your fingers - I'm not a fan of rubbing foundation on your face like you are painting a wall. You want to see natural beauty, and I don't want to hide behind makeup, I still want to be myself. And the fact that it has sunscreen is really good, especially because I live in Los Angeles."

L'OREAL PARIS Voluminous Original Mascara
"I've been using this now for a couple of years because the brush combs my unruly eyelashes. I don't have perfect eyelashes that grow in the same direction - they look like Paris traffic!"

CETAPHIL Gentle Skin Cleanser
"Vera Steimberg has been my makeup artist for five years, and not only do we do movies, but we also do events and prosthetics. A must for her - she sounds like my mum - is to always wash my face. No matter how long of a day we've had, before my head hits the pillow, she'll send me a WhatsApp message going 'Did you wash your face?' And I'm leaning on the bed saying, 'Yeah, washing it now!' So washing your face before you go to bed is very, very crucial."

BARLEAN'S Lignan Flaxseed Oil
"Lately I've been working nonstop, and I literally have makeup on my face sixteen or seventeen hours a day. After I wash my face - unless it's pulling and it's itching because it's very, very dry - I just put a little bit of flaxseed oil on it. It stops any kind of irritation. I also put it on the rest of my body. Mum taught us to do that because it really, really heals you."

BEAUTY ICONS: Brigitte Bardot and Chloe Sevigny

"Brigitte Bardot is my icon because she was just very french. And there's this careless natural beauty that she had that was also very fashion-driven, which I like a lot. I think that Chloe Sevigny is a woman of our generation, and she's an artist in the way that she follows beauty and fashion."

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