Dienstag, 22. November 2011

Langsam aber doch habe ich mich satt gesehen an der aktuellen Benetton Kampagne die auf FB rauf- und runtergepostet wird. Die Idee ist natürlich großartig, aber mit Disney-Sujets kann man genauso gut arbeiten und schockieren ... DON'T SHOW YOUR KIDS THE UGLY TRUTH! ;)

DISENCHANTED ist ein Projekt des Künstlers José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros.

Disenchanted, seeks to demystify the modern fairytale. Rodolfo juxtaposes representations of animation's yesteryear with unexpected, almost antithetical situations. While his subjects (in another context) might embody the quintessential happy ending, Rodolfo reminds is that as individuals we are neither wholly immune nor entirely susceptible to viscera. We absorb a narrative that is neither truth nor lie, allowing elements of fantasy to become our reality, and so it should come as no surprise to discover elements of reality intruding on our richest fantasies. Even material that is created as an escape from waking life can be impacted by the real world, changing the original aesthetic completely.

During this visual journey, Loaiza attaches a human reality as embodied by perversion, voyeurism and addiction, evolving into the more complicated topics of homosexuality, rape and even faith. This art is intended to make the viewer question his or her own stance on the issues, while addressing the obvious omission of such discussion in the cartoon medium that provides the vehicle for the concept. This exhibition is half tribute and half social criticism. It's a re-contextualized artistic proposal on the strength of time-honored iconoclasm and the weakness of haphazard ideology.

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  1. ja die Benetton Kampagne nervt mich auch langsam, aber die hier hat irgendwie Stil :)


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