Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

A bicycle in its purest form, NORRSKEN is a Swedish designed urban commuter with a sleek matt black frame, pink tires and chain, cork grips and a brown leather saddle from Brooks.

Eliminating the clutter of cables and levers, the bike has an automatic two-speed gear system built into the rear hub that shifts automatically up and down at 11 Mph. This bike has a 21” frame (seat tube) which is made of very durable CrMo steel. The basket is made completely out of steel with a protective chrome layer and is large enough to fit a regular sized sport bag. It is attached in both the frame and front fork which means it’s stable and can carry up to 44 lbs. Small assembly required upon receiving.


Ich habe mich in ein Fahrrad verliebt, dabei bin ich sicher die unsicherste Fahrradfahrerin die's gibt! Zumindest im Stadtverkehr! Aber die Räder von BIKEID kann man nur wunderschön und phantastisch finden und bestellen! 

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