Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

Lou Doillon ist nicht nur die wunderhübsche Tochter von Jane Birkin, sondern auch eine phantastische Sängerin und Schauspielerin! Ich höre ihr Album PLACES derzeit rauf und runter und zeige euch heute ihre Beauty Must-Haves:

Euthymol Toothpaste
"This has been around since the twenties. I'm a snob: I like things to look beautiful—even my toothpaste tube. It's cinnamon flavor, bright red, and the first time you use it, it's so strong, you spit fire like a dragon! Now, I love it. Everyone I've introduced it to loves it. I buy crates of fifteen tubes from Boots every time I go to London. I'm probably the only one who buys it, and they have to restock after I come through!"

Bioderma Sébium H20 Solution Purifying Non-Rinse Cleanser
"This summer, I'm on tour, living out of a bus with eleven guys, so it's great that this removes my makeup without water. I have very reactive skin: happiness, sadness, my period, they all go through my skin. This I just put on cotton pads, and it feels like water." 

SHU UEMURA UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30
"This is like a BB cream that erases my pores, mattifies, and has a tiny bit of tint. I just wear this and hide anything else with concealer. It gives a halo effect, something magical, like a shock of light. It also protects from UV rays—and singing outdoors at summer concerts, you take the sun a bit."

Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara
"I was the face of Givenchy at 16. Now I don't wear mascara much, because my eyes are really pissed-off because I wore too much makeup! But this one is especially good if you have big eyes. The tip of the wand is in the shape of a ball, so you can get the little inside lashes in a beautiful way."

Leonor Greyl Masque A L'Orchidée
"They do amazing hair products—I use their shampoo and this mask for dry hair, with its wonderful orchid scent. It's not too rich so that it becomes greasy. In France, every hairdresser has Leonor Greyl's magnolia oil and palm oil for hair on their counter. After the mask, I plait my hair and let it dry naturally."

Jolen Cream Bleach
"I have very long hair, and I like to keep the tips dry and lighter because it has a beach effect. I use Jolen on the tips to take a tiny bit of the tint off and make them more blonde."

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment
"I'm obsessed with this, because if my hands are too greased up, I can't play the guitar, but I'm still kind of a girl, always taking nail varnish on and off, so I need a good hand cream. I love looking at hands, and I'm always drawing pictures of my hands, so I want them groomed. I keep them hydrated or they feel very old very quickly." 

Essie Licorice
"I always fall back on black. Once, a manicurist told me I should only do black. I had them blue with a black dot where the cuticle is, and my son was being cheeky and said, 'Do you feel old?' And I said, 'No, why?' And he said, 'You're trying to look young with your nails." Cheeky! So I am going to slowly grow out of that I've-got-fluorescent-nail-varnish-on thing. Black isn't a statement, but it isn't trying to be too young. I'll wear it for two months and then go back to natural for a few months."

Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Scrub
"It's absolutely divine. I'm a scrubber; I'm always buying new exfoliants because scrubs are my favorite. I use this in the shower three or four times a week." 

Guerlain Mitsouko Eau de Toilette
"I always wear it, and very few other people do, so twenty meters before I arrive, my friends say, 'Here comes Lou!' It was mainly worn in the twenties, and I only like old perfumes; modern ones are too strong and girly. Old-fashioned ones have a powdered effect, more subtle and shy. Inevitably someone says, 'It smells like my grandmother in here!' and it's me! I'm always scared they're going to stop making it, since most of the grannies wearing it have passed away. The only place I can get it is the motherhouse of Guerlain, but that makes it even more special to me. It's not trendy."

Beauty Icon: Jane Birkin
"Her character is what makes her beautiful. She's absolutely free of fear in any form. She really doesn't care what people think or what you're allowed to do. In beauty or fashion, my mum told me I could be my own self. In pictures at 4 or 5, I'm wearing my grandfather's huge hats and her big jerseys; she would forget to pack a suitcase for me, so I'd wear her, or anybody's, clothes. She never, never forced me to brush my hair, because she thought it was vulgar to give hair a shape, so I've never seen her brush hers in her life. She does matte lipstick she smudges with her fingers, then she dabs what's left on her fingers very high up on the cheekbones. Her seventies trick she taught me was to put on black eye makeup before going to bed, so it looks all smudgy and beautiful in the morning."

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