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Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Passend zum Wochenende bin ich natürlich krank geworden. Ich glaube, es war der 15 Grad Temperatur-Sturz zwischen Wien und Kopenhagen bzw. Wien und Wien. Whatever. Zeit, sich um sich zu kümmern, Altlasten aus den Kopf zu vertreiben und gesund zu werden. Voltaire und dieser geniale ETSY SHOP sehen das genauso! Schönes Wochenende euch allen!!!


Weekend and I'm sick. But whatever, time to leave the past behind and focus on the future. This plate would remind me of that every day. You find it at this ETSY SHOP. 

"my handmade line of ceramic wares is inspired by my love for aesthetics, simplicity and words that can inspire and move us to live a good life.

handmade dish with letters stamped one at a time by me onto white earthenware clay. a stitched border is added as well by hand. letters and stitching filled with black glaze.

dish shown with the quote by voltaire, "i have decided to be happy, because it is good for my health." ***you may request a custom word of your choosing under the comments section when placing your order.***

5" diameter with a bit of character.

each dish is unique and will not look exactly like the one shown in the photo."

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